A ‘Fast Track to Blogging’ started it all

I was doing B.Com. along with another animation and multi-media course. I was very much excited about all interesting stuffs about computers. I used to visit some of internet cafes available at the time in my local town to learn more things on internet and about internet itself. But even that was limited because after coming back to home I could not learn more. And I had to wait until I could go next time.

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Light is now my new Dark

It is human nature that one chooses a favourite colour based on inner feelings and personality that had been developed within the lifetime. From my young age, I was very attracted to black. A darker theme with black canvas containing white elements has always caught my eyes. In a way, I think, it was a representation of my inner-self.

Now, it seems like my inner perspective is changing. It wants to look for more brighter colour rather than a dark ones. Now I tend to choose themes with white canvas in many places.

It is telling me to fill a vanilla canvas with colourful elements. Now, it looks at the life as of a The Matrix-like simulators, where I can load any program for colourful output and experiences.

With the hope of keep being enlightened I have changed this blog’s theme with light colour and I am loving it so much.

PS: I still use Darcula theme in Android Studio.

The Gutenberg’s way

It had been around 6 years I have been using Blogger for my blog ikrshnan.blogspot.com. A year back I bought a domain, krsh.in and linked my blog with it.

I was very interested in WordPress since the beginning of blog. But I kept using it as I found it more easy to use. But did not lose interest in WordPress. So finally I decided to switch to WordPress.

First I was planning to pay to link my domain with WordPress. After having a discussion with my long time online buddy Iftekhar from New York, I have decided to take his help to self-host WordPress in his hosting storage as in my account. He is an expert with WordPress and a very kindest guy.

And now I have completely switched to WordPress with a self-host, linked with krsh.in. Hope now on I will press more words than I used to be.