The free world of Audacity on Fedora

My friend was getting married and he asked me to create a small wedding invitation video for him. He knows that I have one and half year of experience on video and audio editing. So I agreed.

But unlike 5 years back, now I do not use any professional tools anymore for video – audio editing. There are many professional software available for GNU/Linux but most of them are paid and I do not have to spend on them. Because this was a very small project. So I tried Kdenlive, Openshot and Pitivi. Free of cost and open source apps available. Pitivi is very basic. It was not enough. Kdenlive and Openshot were fine. Both were crashing for some reasons. But Openshot did the job fine.

Before all that, I had a piece of music to cut down as for background score, from its original 4-minute duration to 1 minute. Obviously, Audacity was the answer. This was the first time I was trying Audacity on Fedora. During installation, I found two packages. audacity and audacity-freeworld. I was not sure whatfreeworld package is for.

So I installed audacity first. Then I realized this one does not include some important components like mp3 support. I recalled, 5 years back, on Windows we would have to install Lame Mp3 lib separately. First thought to do the same. On second thought, instead, installed audacity-freeworld. And voila. It worked. No need to install additional lib.

I did not research on this much. I am not sure whether audacity-freeworld has lame mp3 lib included or not. It worked for me. That’s enough for now.

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