Because, I want it that way.

Its after midnight. 1:40 AM. Outside dogs are barking and crows are crowing. Cold weather chilling out post a heavy rain. I am hungry, feeling sleepy, sitting on my sofa, laptop on my lap and going through some blog posts. Cannot read all of them right now. As I said, I am feeling very sleepy. But something kept me up while reading some of them and then sparked a tiny motivation to write something on my own blog.

Life is changing. Again. Sometimes, I am onto something. Sometimes, it feels like I lost everything. I know, that is how it is. There will be moments where people make you feel like you are wrong. That your feelings are impulsive. Sometimes they say you are not thinking enough. Other times, probably talking to yourself.

But hey, I am learning. I am trying to understand from those coming in the way, what I have to go through in and what should be moved aside. I guess, that is how it should be. I feel like I need to think before I decide anything. Contemplating on others’ suggestions, thoughts, experiences before creating my own. I know I will not regret if I decide to go one way or another because the final destination would mine and mine only. No one is going to ask for their share of that once they done talking. Still, I need to be sure before I go anywhere.

But, now I am sure about certain things. That, one way or other way around, I am not going to give up anymore. I am done waiting for the right time to come and cool down the fear. No matter what happens now, I am gonna go where I want to go.

Because, I want it that way.

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