This paradox should not stop you to be curious

You may not understand why the universe behaves in a certain way at once in ones and in others very differently at the same. Though, you can only feel that it is not wrong in both.

Thus, sometimes you cannot understand why life happened to be in one way, although it was predicted to be in the other one around. Still, you can experience it in all the way, but only relatively, without actually knowing what it could have been.

Ironically, one might think, that the curious case of mind to understand both the universe and life, is one and the only path to understanding those feelings and experiences.

In short, you can never understand what the universe is and life is all about. But, curiosity to understand them is the only way to recognize them.

Isn’t it paradoxical? Perhaps, a beautiful irony of paradox.

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Header photo by Ritisha Vimal on YourQuote