This paradox should not stop you to be curious

You may not understand why the universe behaves in a certain way at once in ones and in others very differently at the same. Though, you can only feel that it is not wrong in both.

Thus, sometimes you cannot understand why life happened to be in one way, although it was predicted to be in the other one around. Still, you can experience it in all the way, but only relatively, without actually knowing what it could have been.

Ironically, one might think, that the curious case of mind to understand both the universe and life, is one and the only path to understanding those feelings and experiences.

In short, you can never understand what the universe is and life is all about. But, curiosity to understand them is the only way to recognize them.

Isn’t it paradoxical? Perhaps, a beautiful irony of paradox.

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Just breath in

It does not matter how long they have stayed. Every individual you see in your life, all influences your thoughts, your experiences and your life. You may not know them. You may not talk to them. You may not be in love. True to my experience, the feelings you might have, experiences you might have, thoughts you might think, all those things on which your life is depending on, get affected by all those people.

You cannot do anything about it. Because that is how your universe keeps the balance in the reality of your life.

So it is okay if you do not get to know someone or befriend with everyone or may be in love with the one. At least, unknowingly, that person got to be a part of your world and may be at least once you might have got to be the part of their thought.

Now, before you get overwhelmed about it, take a deep breath, inhale all of those good influences and exhale all those unnecessary over-thoughts. So that the universe can take care of everything else.

Let’s take a step back and write about it

So, as usual, I was not able to sleep. As I tried to sleep early, could not push mind into the deep, it did not take long to the flood of thoughts to rush in. Like it was time for a revision of life happened yet. With each revision, I wonder how differently I think with new experiences and bubbles of many ideas floats in the air. Well, I can write a very brief summary of various things comes with the flood.

“I cannot believe the position where I am sitting on right now. Or am I standing somewhere? On my own feet! I cannot decide for sure. Sometimes it seems like I am flying. The thin air of coldness hitting on my face with a whisper into my ears. Or is it just a dream. A deep dream of a flight. But then, eventually, I have to return to the reality that I am just that ordinary guy with goggles on a face to look out for those nightmares.

A reality of balance. Dreams on one side, same amount of nightmares on another. A flight through cold thin air towards the warmth of the day which again starts with another cold night. That is the wave of the universe. To keep the balance in nature.”

Well, with a hope to keep balance in life, I am back on track.