It’s already 15th

This time there was no pressure for any resolution. It was just like a normal weekend. Yeah, sure! I and friends had a small, just to keep up until midnight, fireworks and Maybe ‘Happy New Year’ wishes. It was simple. We all had a good meal and slept soon after 00:00:00.

Fast forward… It’s already 15th of Jan now. 15/365 of 2018 has already completed and still it feels like so normal as… you know.. normal. May be this what it is. Being an adult! I don’t know!!

I don’t know what has been coming. What would happen? 2017 was somewhat hurtful. But in the end, something happened with goodness. Still, some sadness found its way along with happiness. But that’s okay now. I have realised that, both were just at the end of each side of the stick, which I am still holding, to balance myself on the rope hanging at something I cannot see in the mist.

I realised I can do it. I capable enough to go through this mist. The realisation of not even being aware about the rope earlier, making me more… wise, I would say.

Hope I would see a whole new bridge at some point.

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