Expanding the Youniverse

The only way to know how strong you are is to keep testing your limits. – Jor El

You know that our universe, which contains our earth, sun, other stars, planets surrounding these stars, our Milky Way galaxy, other galaxies, everything you name it; is expanding. Thanks to Georges LemaƮtre and Edwin Hubble who figured out about the expansion.

What does it mean? It means, our earth along with its residents, actually floating and moving, within its own galaxy, through the very basic fabric of the universe. Can you imagine? We are not staying still in one position. WE ARE MOVING! Literally through space and time. If you look at the whole picture, everything is moving. And that is how the universe works.

That is how youniverse also works. Your own universe. The one which contains you, your body, your mind, everyone and everything else that revolve you.

Youniverse also has to keep expanding. Thus everything in it would keep moving from one position to another. If youniverse does not grow it would affect your life very negatively. One day that mini-youniverse would explode and release a great amount of energy only to destroy everything in it. Then it would take millions of years to cool down in order to begin a new life.

Consider youniverse as a shell. Since everything in it is so relatable, you feel comfortableness in the shell. Call it your comfort shell.

But if you get out of it… You know how would it be, right? It would be scary.

Image Credit: appliedalliance

That’s how you learn. Get challenged. You should be willing to risk some of your breath until the shell reaches itself where ever you would be standing. Yes, in time the far most you were out of the boundary the shell would have been expanding to contain you within itself. Thus your comfortableness increases the space.

When you keep exiting the shell from all directions, eventually the shell would expand to all dimensions. Hence the youniverse expands and it keeps getting more space and time to contain new relatable things & people and to float energy freely.

The universe is expanding. So should be the youniverse.

Featured photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash