More to read in less time.

[Image: Books in a book shelf]

There are so many things to read and many thoughts to write. When I come back to house after a long day, look at the books and magazines perfectly arranged vertically in a horizontal row in the book shelf, I want to forget everything else and just dive into them and swim through pages for hours. Unfortunately, I cannot. I just cannot forget about work, food, health, sleeping, cleaning, washing, taking garbage out,… ufff!! Give me a break, please! There are countless other things to take care of.

Man… I used to read a lot when I was kid. I used to complete books in hours. In vacations I used to go to a local library religiously. It opened only at 4 in the evening for 3 and a half hours. I used to wait for it to open so I can read some books and magazines there and then take one or two to home.

Now, I do not have a choice other than make time to read. A single book for only few minutes everyday. It does not matter how much I read. Because on other side I have to make sure that I understand what I read. I go deep enough to feel through imaginations what author/writer is trying to say. Do not want to finish off pages just to update progress on GoodReads profile. By doing this I have experienced that it actually increase my reading speed without losing the context.

Speaking of reading and feeling through imaginations, recently I saw this video called BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content on YouTube. It is a half an hour video, worth watching if you love book reading.

Bookstores and libraries drives me crazy too.

The video perfectly explains about the altered state of mind of people who read more often. How it helps to read even more, learn more, still never get bored by making it as interesting as watching a movie (in your head).

I have decided to spend more time for reading, writing (blog posts), limited video watching with only infotainment videos (like the one above) and no time for infinite scrolling through insta pictures & short videos of unknown people. I want to take input more in a words. I think it will help to increase the vocabulary and thus I will be able to use more precise words for corresponding context.

I hope you enjoy the video. And keep reading folks.

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