Retaining the sanity

Hand turning the word Insanity into Sanity with red marker isolated on white.

Messing up with the mind is becoming like a daily chore. Depression, loneliness, distractions are all over the place. The truth is, I know exactly how to tackle these. Because I have done it before for a short period of time. But it has never been so easy again. It may not be easy but not impossible though.

I have many things to read, learn, study and other entertaining stuff that can keep my mind occupied. ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’, they say. Not to mess up with the devil, but I need to retain my sanity.

I missed journaling once again. Journaling could help me to be sane. So I must carry it forward, at least once a week. I am doing good with my bullet journaling to track my habits, tasks, and activities. Something is coming out as good. I hope it continues.

And my gaming and gameplay content creation is helping too. I stream it on Twitch or YouTube or record to upload later. These activities are helping to learn the benefit of practising, unconsciously.

I have also started a new project for myself. A side project of transcribing the vocal contents of videos I watch on YouTube on various topics. The type of contents will be mainly discussions and lectures. It will help me to gain more knowledge on the topics and also to upgrade my vocabulary in the English language. To start with, currently, I am transcribing the contents of lectures by Dr Jordan B. Peterson. His contents are inspiring, and I feel like, it contains the truth that I can comprehend.

Well, I am also looking for a job now. The sooner I get one, the better it is.

Image source: [Blog post] Let’s Bring Sanity Back to Grantmaking