Not convinced yourself for some workout yet!

Why just following a diet plan (I know it’s dreadful) is not enough to lose weight?

Why workout is more important?

What does it really mean to lose weight? Where does it go anyway?

When you think about it, it seems, well, it might get turned into a sweat so let’s stay in a very hot room or put a sauna belt around the waist. It gets out when you urinate so let’s drink more water and keep going to the restroom. Or you might think it gets converted into energy so let my stomach do the job when I watch my favourite series.

Now spend just 30 mins and watch this 5 years old TEDx Talks video to understand that spending some time for workout can help more, rather than just following a diet plan or a belt.

In the mathematics of weight loss, Ruben Meerman, with the help of some Chemistry, explains how exactly doing exercise helps you to lose weight.

And don’t worry, it does not affect the global warming.