A serious potato fry

As always, I wanted this Sunday to be a productive one. Productive means what would be the normal for other people like doing a full laundry, cleaning, etc. Because most of the weekends ends with miserable laziness. Although, as usual, I woke up very late, this time I was very determined. So, yes of course, had done with almost all laundry, cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom.

And then I saw a left over potato and a tomato in the kitchen from our recent cooking by my friend who visited us recently. First I thought just to boil the potato. But then, since I have never done any serious cooking before, decided to give a try with the potato along with some spices. (Had to trash the tomato. There was a wormhole on it.)

Always wanted to boil potato to peel its skin as seen in this video. It was magical while peeling it. I was very quick and nervous while sprinkling spices on frying potato pieces. Suddenly got a thought to add little water. Wasn’t so sure. But then, who cares. I was just experimenting. At last it turned out to be good enough to eat. Even though some part of potato was not boiled enough from inside.

Well, even it wasn’t so big thing, for the first time it almost felt like I was doing some serious cooking. And had wonderful productive Sunday.