Finally, the search is over with Fedora & GNOME

At different times in past, I had been used Arch Linux, Linux Mint, Fedora, Pinguy OS and Ubuntu. I used to love KDE once, with LM and Arch. At the time I tried Fedora with GNOME Shell and hated its UI. Not more than Unity though. The situation has gotten completely reversed. Now I love GNOME, Fedora is my favorite and not liking the new Plasma UI so much.

When I was at Quikr, as they used to install Ubuntu on the laptops for all developers, at last I got opportunity to switch completely to GNU/Linux. Installed GNOME in it as Fedora claim it as a developer friendly DE and I ha…te Unity! This time I loved GNOME from a developer point of view. And yeah, buy the time it got more matured too comparatively to its previous version. Then somehow I got my eyes again on Fedora. As they supports GNOME officially. Our system administrator allowed me to install Fedora on my workstation. He had no issue since he personally likes Fedora very much and of course everything is free cost. Since then I am playing around within Fedora on my personal workstation too.

I love Fedora for its stability, simplicity and being updated with the latest longterm version of the kernel. Obviously, Fedora does not provide everything out of the box. For some stuffs, it needs some manual tweaks. But then hey, what’s the point of being grown as a GNU/Linux power user, right?

So finally, my search is over for a GNU/Linux which is suitable for me. Well, I also like Arch Linux and Linux Mint too. But now I am totally in love with Fedora & GNOME and very excited for the next v24 with v3.20. And I am definitely going to use this new Graphical System Upgrading tool to upgrade it. Read briefly about it here.