Has blogging became limited only for loyal bloggers?

10 years back, it was a time when blogging was at it’s hype. Everyone wanted to create blog and invite others to read it. Following and commenting on blogs was fun. Now, social networks platforms are at the hype. Today, different types of new social network services are being emerged in very short time. Well, I think, in a way, that actually helped all of the true blogging communities (ignoring organisational blogs and those for marketing purpose). At least now people do not create blogs and leave them to rotten anymore with just one welcome post.

Today, if one creates a blog, it would be intended to be an active one for a long time. So, I think that today blogging communities are being within its reasonable limits by including only loyal bloggers. People write on blogs because they love it. It is more about sharing genuine information and thought provoking ideas and discussions rather than likes, share and subscriptions. Which I cannot see in other social network platforms. Because unlike social network platforms, it is not so easy to write a post, keeping up with good content, get people to open it in another tab to read them and follow up on discussions. Like and share alone are far far away.

So, whoever is visiting your blog with an intent to read what have you been written as in a blog post, agree or disagree to it, may be leave some comments, mostly such people are on a hunt for different ideas, inspiration, self-motivation and learning new words, as you are. People with true loyalty towards blogging. Well, this is my personal opinion. I do not know what an actual data would tell us!

Call me old school but I prefer to write posts on blog more, than modern social networks platforms. (By the way, I had deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Twitter!! yeah… still keeping it on. Because it is micro-blogging, man…) I love blogging because of its limited reach but a loyal readership. And I am very glad to be a part of such communities.

What do you think, today, has blogging became limited only for loyal bloggers?

2 thoughts on “Has blogging became limited only for loyal bloggers?

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your post. We human tend to do stuff more often that we love or like the most. I think that’s pretty much the basic reasoning behind most of our actions. Indeed, the hype around “blogging” lost some of it’s charms but it will remain an integral part of our human way of sharing ideas and thoughts. So called “blogger”s will eventually fade away for good and that’s how amazingly the nature works. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Happy Blogging.

  2. Thank you for your comment Ifti vai. It feels much better when someone feels the same as your are. Let’s keep sharing ideas and thoughts through our blogs. Happy blogging. πŸ™‚

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