A ‘Fast Track to Blogging’ started it all

I was doing B.Com. along with another animation and multi-media course. I was very much excited about all interesting stuffs about computers. I used to visit some of internet cafes available at the time in my local town to learn more things on internet and about internet itself. But even that was limited because after coming back to home I could not learn more. And I had to wait until I could go next time.

One day, my friend Rajesh, introduced me to a magazine called Digit. If you do not know, it is a monthly magazine on technology news. It also includes a CDs/DVD full of software, educational videos, GNU/Linux distros, and many things for the people who does not have easy access to such things. Along with the magazine and disks they also provide an additional booklet on various topics every month. It became a primary source of all new information on technology related stuffs.

With February 2007 magazine there was this booklet on blogging. A Fast track to blogging. I was very excited to create my own blog after reading the book. But I was not sure what to write about and whether readers would accept what I would have written. It took another 3 years to gather courage and start a blog and to publish posts in it. But in between those 3 years, I read this book many times to keep the fire for the blogging burned in me. It was a great motivation to read this book.

Fast forward to 9 years. And I am not being de-motivational. But it was not so great journey of blogging for me so far. It just went on and off many times. It is not so easy being a blogger if you get busy with many other things. You have to consider it as a part of your daily routine to give enough time to it. You do not have to publish blog posts everyday. At least, should prepare for a post in a week as a draft which you can publish in the end of the week.

I have been a (occasional) blogger for at least 9 years. You can minus 2-3 years considering the time I did not even open the blog. But I tried many times to write regularly. It’s just studies, job and many other things did not let me to focus on blogging so seriously.

Now, I want to make a change to it with my new domain and my own hosted WordPress site. Now I want my blog to be more worthy than just a plan of a domain and hosting service. Not monetary wise but rich with many quality posts.

Well, after all these years, I found the book in an old carton along with other old books. I am reading it again to fire up the various ideas to write down and put them in my blog.

If you want to start a blog or already having a blog, please do not be me. Write anything that comes in your mind. Make it a part of your daily routine. Do not lose it for a long time like I did. Make it more informative, educational, inspirational and motivational.

Happy blogging to you.