Retaining the sanity

Hand turning the word Insanity into Sanity with red marker isolated on white.

Messing up with the mind is becoming like a daily chore. Depression, loneliness, distractions are all over the place. The truth is, I know exactly how to tackle these. Because I have done it before for a short period of time. But it has never been so easy again. It may not be easy but not impossible though.

I have many things to read, learn, study and other entertaining stuff that can keep my mind occupied. ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’, they say. Not to mess up with the devil, but I need to retain my sanity.

I missed journaling once again. Journaling could help me to be sane. So I must carry it forward, at least once a week. I am doing good with my bullet journaling to track my habits, tasks, and activities. Something is coming out as good. I hope it continues.

And my gaming and gameplay content creation is helping too. I stream it on Twitch or YouTube or record to upload later. These activities are helping to learn the benefit of practising, unconsciously.

I have also started a new project for myself. A side project of transcribing the vocal contents of videos I watch on YouTube on various topics. The type of contents will be mainly discussions and lectures. It will help me to gain more knowledge on the topics and also to upgrade my vocabulary in the English language. To start with, currently, I am transcribing the contents of lectures by Dr Jordan B. Peterson. His contents are inspiring, and I feel like, it contains the truth that I can comprehend.

Well, I am also looking for a job now. The sooner I get one, the better it is.

Image source: [Blog post] Let’s Bring Sanity Back to Grantmaking

I saved myself from a voice phishing/vishing

It was already morning. Still, I was half sleeping. Dreaming… aliens flying around in the sky in their pyramid-shaped spaceships. Anyway… suddenly, my phone rang.

Now, sometimes I let the phone calls go as in missed for unknown numbers if I can’t open my eyes. But this time it was on the table near to my bed, and I was bored with the same dream. I picked up the phone, still inside the cosiness of my warm blanket. It was indeed an unknown number. Maybe, a girl offering personal loan or balance transfer, I thought. It could be anyone. So, I answered it.

“Hello, I am calling from Ad bank, Bangalore branch. I called to assist you to collect your debit card that you lost recently”, the guy on other side said. I tossed my side of the blanket and sit up. My eyes wide opened with confusions. First, I remembered that all of my cards are safe with me. Second, which bank did he say from?

“Sorry, where are calling you from?”, I asked.

“I am calling from Ad bank”, the guy repeated.

Still, without any clue which he was talking about the bank or branch, I said, “I do not have an account in this bank!!”

“Okay, sir” and he just hung up. Just like that.

With all doubts and curiosity, I searched the number on the TrueCaller website. There, I found the given name for the number is ‘Calls and asks bank details’. I guess, I saved myself from being scammed. Although, if he had seemed legit or not, I was not going to share my bank details anyway. I noticed it has a 50% increase as of spam reporting. I also added my contribution by marking the number as spam.

I have read several times in the news that even after constant warnings in TV ads and direct SMSs by official authorities, regarding not sharing the private information of bank accounts and linked cards to unknown and unauthorized callers, still, many people fall for such scams and lose their money.

So, before answering anyone’s questions over a phone call with your bank details, take a pause and think. Do you really need to share information the person on the other side is asking for? Even if you are having trouble with your product or service, avoid such incoming phone calls, unless you really trust them. Even if you trust the caller you are talking with, still, be bold and do not give in to share private information such as Debit/Credit/ATM card PIN, Net-Banking credentials, OTPs (One Time Password), etc. to everyone.

Now that I was awake, it started to bother me about what to do when aliens actually show up. Let’s hope they come in peace. Until then, be careful of scammers. They are everywhere to lure away your money.

Header image source – Smishing and vishing: How these cyber attacks work and how to prevent them
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This paradox should not stop you to be curious

You may not understand why the universe behaves in a certain way at once in ones and in others very differently at the same. Though, you can only feel that it is not wrong in both.

Thus, sometimes you cannot understand why life happened to be in one way, although it was predicted to be in the other one around. Still, you can experience it in all the way, but only relatively, without actually knowing what it could have been.

Ironically, one might think, that the curious case of mind to understand both the universe and life, is one and the only path to understanding those feelings and experiences.

In short, you can never understand what the universe is and life is all about. But, curiosity to understand them is the only way to recognize them.

Isn’t it paradoxical? Perhaps, a beautiful irony of paradox.

Here is an interesting reading on What is the irony and paradox of life?

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