Accelerate mouse wheel scrolling in Firefox


  1. In the address bar of Firefox type about:config and press enter.
  2. Accept the risk involved while making changes.
  3. Search for mousewheel.
  4. Look for mousewheel.acceleration.start and to enable it, change its value to 0 by double-clicking on it.


Comparing to Google Chrome, Firefox has very slow scrolling speed for web pages. It is smoother than Chrome but not just fast enough. And I end up scrolling by dragging up the scroll bar which is a little annoying. You have to drag the mouse or finger to grab that scrolling stick. And drag again to scrolling happen.

Scrolling with the mouse middle wheel or two fingers is very easy and convenient. If you are using a mouse then in some cases you can click the middle wheel button and drag the mouse to up, down, left, or right from the clicked place. That is even more convenient if you want to the end or start of the page.

Smooth scrolling

This is one of many things I love about Firefox. Chrome’s web page scrolling is fast enough by default. But it does not scroll pages as smooth as Firefox does. Check whether your Firefox has smooth scrolling enabled or not. If not, enable it right away. It’s great to have it enabled.

Choose wisely

You can change the values of both mousewheel.acceleration.start & mousewheel.acceleration.factor and see what rate of acceleration is right for you. If you want to change back to default values by just right clicking on them and selecting ‘Reset’ option.

Well, it certainly made my day when I found this. Hope it does for you too.

I think they should add this as a check option along with the smooth scrolling.

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