Light is now my new Dark

It is human nature that one chooses a favourite colour based on inner feelings and personality that had been developed within the lifetime. From my young age, I was very attracted to black. A darker theme with black canvas containing white elements has always caught my eyes. In a way, I think, it was a representation of my inner-self.

Now, it seems like my inner perspective is changing. It wants to look for more brighter colour rather than a dark ones. Now I tend to choose themes with white canvas in many places.

It is telling me to fill a vanilla canvas with colourful elements. Now, it looks at the life as of a The Matrix-like simulators, where I can load any program for colourful output and experiences.

With the hope of keep being enlightened I have changed this blog’s theme with light colour and I am loving it so much.

PS: I still use Darcula theme in Android Studio.