A smooth upgrade to Fedora 25

Last time they introduced new feature in Software application to upgrade Fedora to next stable version within ‘Updates’ section. I wanted to try it when they released 24. But availability of 24 from Software application was delayed for 2-3 days. I was so excited and could not wait that much. So upgraded using DNF.

Now this time I did not forget to check Software application before starting with DNF. I was checking on release day itself. So I thought they may not make it available so soon. But I started to doubt myself as it was taking more time to check for updates than it ususally takes. May be taking this long to download update info of new 25. And yeah… After few minutes there it is. 25 has already been available on the very same day of its release. Way to go upgrade button.

It was not showing anything in details like what is getting downloaded or how much of download already has been done. Just a progress bar which stayed at one position for a while. I like to see all those quick changing details when something important is going on. Even though I do not understand them. So addictive. And here it was getting bored by staring at that progress bar, which is not moving a single bit. So I started with a movie. I was so into the movie that did not even think about the upgrade. After movie ended, it had downloaded all packages and now upgrade button changed to install button.

I pressed it > Reboot > Lenovo & Intel logos > Kernel selection > now it was showing the progress of upgrade in percentage. After some time it rebooted again. And it was ready with Fedora 25.

The main thing I liked in 25 is the stable version of Wayland. Really great. It uses less memory than earlier. I had tried it in 23 and 24 too. It was very buggy. Now it is not. That is why it is a default choice.

So that’s it. I did not have to type any command in terminal, change any version number or update any repo details. Upgrade button > wait > Install button > wait > and done. Very Smooth.