Me Me Me

I do programming and coding for Android mobile OS based applications for a living.

After reading the book Quiet… by Susan Cain, I consider myself as an ambivert. But considering the time it takes me to recharge myself by staying alone, seems like I may have been more leaned towards introversion.

I admire science, science fiction, spirituality and the universe beyond a single dimension. Physics, philosophy of space and time, and astronomy fascinate me. You can teach me more about dark matter, string theory, quantum physics, uohh… also, let me know if you are a friend of the Doctor or whether we are living in a Matrix. I would wanna take a red pill.

I have more attention towards the sound of music, rather than the lyrics. Hans Simmer’s music score in Man of Steel and Interstellar inspires me more than anything else.

I love reading books. Travelling through the unknown of my imagination. Living in someone else’s shoes to understand their emotions through the words of a third person. But I am a slow reader. I tend to struggle to complete a page sooner than other avid readers.

After a long period, I have completed The Universe in Your Hand… by Christophe Galfard. It really felt like travelling through the known Universe. At one point it was a journey within the insights of the quantum world and the next it was a flight among stars, planets and also into the black holes. It was magnificent when I finished the book.

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